Renewal Application

2Personal Information
3College Information
  • In order to receive your scholarship, you must meet the following requirements and have the application and required documents in by March 31st, 2023:

    • Good standing with your school.
    • Current enrollment in an accredited college/university for the past two semesters.
    • An Official Copy with the school seal of your transcript that is current through Fall Semester 2022.
    • Proof of current enrollment through 2023 Spring Semester.
      • Please verify your transcript shows Spring classes.
      • If your transcript does not show Spring classes, please attach a letter of enrollment from your university/college
      • No internet or web page copies will be accepted.
      • If your transcript or proof of enrollment will be mailed separately, please indicate as such in the comments section.
    • A cumulative grade point average as follows:
      • Freshman: 2.50 or higher.
      • Sophomore: 2.75 or higher.
      • Junior: 3.00 or higher.
      • Senior: 3.00 or higher.
    • If you wish to list any additional information or need additional space please use the “Additional information/comments:” field on page 3 of this form.