Do I have to be a high school student attending a Tarrant County high school to meet eligibilty criteria?

Yes, currently, we offer scholarships to FWISD and other Tarrant County high school seniors.

Can I mail application documents separately?

Yes, however, we recommend that you note that on your application. For example, transcripts sometimes come directly from school’s counselor, admissions’ office, registrar’s office or other source to the MACE PO Box. This is acceptable.

Do my ACT/SAT scores need to be official?

Yes, typically we see that your school prints these scores on the back side of your high school transcript.

Does my college/university transcript need to be official?

Yes, we require a sealed college/university stamped transcript that can be sent from your college/university or included in your renewal application.

When is the application form available to be filled out?

The application, renewal or new, is available typically the first week of January in any given year. Please check our website for applications.

How will I know when to fill out my renewal application for the following academic school year?

You will need to visit our website, maceonline.org, for the newest renewal form around the first week of January in any given year.

I have not received my scholarship funds, what do I do?

Please contact Belinda Lopez,  treasurer@maceonline.org